Our Services

Software Selection Advisory Services

Assist organizations

  • Determine needs of organization through a collaborative analysis and interviewing multiple stakeholders
  • Produce analysis documents of results
  • Produce justification document for pre-funding authorization
  • Assist in writing RFP/RFI to ensure stakeholder needs are met
  • Assist with vendor selection process
  • Assist with review of contractual documents
    • disclaimer – this is a technical review, not a legal review
Software Selection Advisory Services

Software Implementation Services (ERP, HCM or WFM software)

Client-side project management

  • Protect and represent the client to ensure successful vendor or third-party implemented systems
  • Develop Project Charter
  • Review, analyze and make recommendations on Implementation team’s project plans
  • Report to executive sponsor(s) on status of project throughout the lifecycle
  • Assist executive sponsor with the Change Management strategy (Yes! with our resource in a project/program management role, you get OCM as well!!)
Software Implementation Services (ERP, HCM or WFM software)

Why do I need OCM?

Change management is one of the least understood necessities to any implementation project.  You invest in the technology. You should also invest in ensuring that it is adopted throughout the organization.  Learn more here…..

What should I expect?

The more people a technology project touches, the greater the need for OCM.  Additionally, if the new technology affects budgets for other senior leaders in your organization, you can expect and increase in political stress in your organization.  Our teams can help!!  Learn more about our process here….