Organizational Change Management


  • Meet with executive sponsor and senior leaders
  • Develop (in collaboration with the executive sponsor) a senior leader stakeholder matrix of supporters and detractors


  • Assist executive sponsor in developing a strategy to meet the needs of the senior stakeholder matrix
  • Develop and get approval for the overall OCM strategy
  • Meet with senior stakeholders to execute on the plan and develop a “top-down” approach to ensure a successful project and/or OCM.


  • Build a project plan that specifically meets the needs uncovered in the Asses and Strategize phases
  • Build an effective communications plan for all stakeholders


  • Run the OCM plan on a daily basis and ensure regular modifications based on regular feedback
  • Continually check in with OCM and Implementation teams for field updates
  • Regular meetings with Executive Sponsor and Senior Stakeholders


  • Ensure long-term business transformation by assisting leadership change and update performance goals that focus on the necessary change